Re: The Thin Pill

Thank you for your T-cell-like behaviour in warning us against the Pharmaceutical companies, but is the fact that they want to make a bunch of money news? The various barriers to getting a new drug researched and marketed have made the drug industry we have. The big-margin items are not only the most pushed, but pray your health-problem is popular enough to even make the cut!

My ancestors managed to survive in Northern Europe. Unecessary energy expenditure, from a historical point of view, was not encouraged. They might have needed that fat later! Today, my body does Security Consulting, a largely to wholly sedentary job. Certainly I do not have the appetite of someone that does hard manual labor, but I still want to eat more than I need. Growing older and a few mouthfuls over the line add up. I have been unsuccessful at addicting myself to excercise-induced brain chemicals.

Some excercise is clearly a good idea for health, but genetically skinny people are not subject to the hazards of obesity whether they excercise or not. Nature produced this genetic variety, but I am already living an "unnatural" life from many people's perspectives (Ted Kaczynski's, for example). The future is going to be a lot weirder than merely gaining voluntary control over body fat percentage. If pharma is blowing "disease" and "syndrome" marketecture at us then we should laugh it off, but saving people's lives and healths by letting them take voluntary control of an aspect of their body is worth some cash for the effort.