2005 Transhumanism Survey
Top Ten Attitudes on Which There is Overwhelming (75%+) Agreement
Yes Human-Enhancement Humanism Tech-Optimism Person-hood Reproductive Rights
Do you believe that people have a right to use technology to extend their mental and physical (including reproductive) capacities and to improve their control over their own lives? 95% X X
Do you think that by being generally open and embracing of new technology we have a better chance of turning it to our advantage than if we try to ban or prohibit it? 94% X
Do you expect human progress to result from human accomplishment rather than divine intervention, grace, or redemption? 93% X
Do you think it would be a good thing if people could become many times more intelligent than they currently are? 92% X
Is your concept of "the meaning of life" derived from human responsibility and opportunity rather than divine revelation? 86% X
Do you believe women should have the right to terminate their pregnancies? 83% X X
Does your ethical code advocate the well-being of all sentient beings, whether in artificial intellects, humans, posthumans, or non- human animals? 81% X
Do you think it would be a good thing if people could live for hundreds of years or longer? 80% X
Would you consider having your mind uploaded to computers if it was the only way you could continue as a conscious person? 78% X
Should parents be able to have children through cloning once the technology is safe? 76% X