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Friends, Acquaintances and Interesting Strangers

Some of the Pictures of Me, Matthew Gress, as if you didn't know enough about me from my bookmarks.
Erik Pakieser
Erik Headshot
John Dassow
John Head
Penny Gronbeck
Penny Devil!
Michael Kellen
Michael Head
Deborah Wolf
Deborah Head
Leslie Powell
Laughing Leslie
Ralph Merkle
Ralph at the Wheel
Max Monclair
Professional Max
Sarah Fritz-Claridge (nee Lawrence?)
Sarah, sardonic?, never!
Patrick Kellogg - Living in Colorado
Leah Cutter
Robert Schug
Bryan Lambert and Cathy Fylling
Brad Templeton - Cryonaut and All - Around Cool Guy
Michael Montag's Art - a Sculptor Friend I knoew from High School
Dal Winslow in the Trashmen!
Another Image of Erik Pakieser directing traffic after a (6/98) storm.
Roswell Camp
Brendan Howard - a Writer I know, working for Lycos Now
My Great Aunt, Maragaret Conroy's (Peg), Eulogy
Dan Judd - Rye Skyther
Tanya Veverka
Brett Rabe
Michael K. Johnson
Stephan Wolfram - Creator of Mathmatica, Artificial Life, Complexity Theory, Etc. - A New kind of Science Complex Systems Guide
Ray Kurzweil - Inventor of an Incredible amount of Cool Stuf - Also Very Extropian and probably a Frosted Flake (Cryonaut, Suspension-Patient)
James Kakalios - Local Researcher on Complexity - Sand Research Site and the University of Minnesota - Axial Segregation of Mixtures of Binary Granular Media and Avalanche Dynamics
Douglas R. Hofstadter - Writer of Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid and All-Around interesting thinker.
David D. Friedman - Renowned Libertarian Economist (Son of Milton!) and SCA Member (Cariadoc of the Bow)!
Omni - A Guy I don't know, but kinda like anyway
Len Larpinski's Web Page - This Guy is Pretty Cool - I don't know him, but he is an Alaskan Libertarian, one of the most Strange and Wonderful Kinds!
Bruce Campbell's Web Page
GizmOzone - Home of Dr. Ozone and Apocalypse Studios - Great Web Graphics and Programming!
David Dyer-Bennet
MIT's Postcard Rack for Sending Electronic Postcards to people!
Necktie Knots and How to Tie Them
Shelby Knot Tie Instructions
Left-Handed Supplies - TheLeftHand.com



Google King of all searches!
MetaCrawler - Really Searches Good (Low Bandwidth Page)
AltaVista: Main - Text-Only Version!
Corbis: Alta Vista Picture Search Engine with Millions of Images!
Hotbot - the WIRED Internet Search Engine - Text-Only Version!
AskJeeves.com - Natural Language Search
Deja News
My Yahoo!
Uffda! (Minnesota Index)
Minnesota Politico-Geographical Index
Firefly Agents
Lycos Home
Lycos Pro Search
Open Text Index
Digger a Whois++ Index
Network-Tools.com - A Big Trace/Whois, Etc. Seearch
CEO Express Start Page

Real World

BigBook.com - Yellow, etc. Pages
Switchboard - Simple Business Phone Directory Search
Switchboard - Simple Business Phone Directory Search
Switchboard - Simple Personal Phone Directory Search
USWest Dex Yellow Pages Detailed Search
USWest Dex Residential White Pages
USWest Dex Phone Directory
Ameritech Alphanumeric Paging Form
Yahoo People Search
MovieLink777FILM OnLine
Twin Cities Sidewalk
Reverse Telephone Directories - Excite
Mapquest Linkfree Reference
MapQuest! Interactive Atlas
USA Timezones at WorldTimezone.com
Internet 800 - Toll-Free Directory
AnyWho AT&T Toll-Free Internet Directory
USPS ZIP+4 Lookup Form
OneLook Dictionaries, The Faster Finder
University of Chicago ROGET - Words Finder with Searches WITHIN WORDS for syllabic sounds!
O'Reilly Dictionary of PC Hardware and Data Communications Terms
Pedro's Dictionaries
Encyclopedia.com 17000 Entry Free on the Web


Slashdot on Custom Stone Sculptures


What is the Weather Like Where I Live?
Yahoo Weather in the Twin Cities
NexRAD Image of the Region
Snow Emergency Instructions


Frickin Slashdot (/.)
BugNet - A Third Party Bug Reporting Site for non-open source software. (At Least everyone will know about them.)
Jörg Schilling's website CDRtools writer, etc.
Tom's Hardware Page, the straight excrement.
Anand Tech - A Young Upstart with Great Tech Reviews
Jorg Schilling's Personal Web Page - Great UNIX Hacker, Writer of CDRECORD the FBK driver and lots of other stuff for UNIX including lots of SUN SPARC SOLARIS specific addons like bootable disk making utilities
Anand Tech - A Young Upstart with Great Tech Reviews
PriceWatch.com The Best Prices on Lots of Computer Stuff - Updated All the Time
Ars Technica - A Great Tech Site (2/01/00)
Ars Technica Article on RAID (6/01/00)
Abit - Makers of Great Motherboards
Abit - BIOS download page
Aopen - Pentium II mainboard maker page
Paragon Technology, Inc - WHere I bought the Abit IT5H
California PC Products - Excellent Cases, Power Supplies, etc.
PC Power and Cooling, Inc. - Power Supplies and Fans
TopPower - Power Supplies and Fans
Genius - Lower Priced Digitizer Pads - Check Pricewatch.com
VIA - Makers of FlexiPC Wearable Computing Devices in Northfield
Meta-Labs MPEG and Multi-Media
Createive Labs Download Drivers
Creative Labs Technical Support Contacts
Gear Repicator Demo Download
UNH (Univertity of New Hampshire) Interoperability Labs - Lots of Networking Technology Multi-Vendor Testing - Including Wireless!
IEEE Catalog of Standards for LAN/MAN and Wireless


Cellular Consultants
NetGram - Email to Snail Mail Service - New
Ameritech Paging Form
MAE Switches - The Major Nodes of the Internet in the US, Owned by WorldCom
hcompressImage Compression Software
CoolApplets We've Written (Beta)
Magic Lenses at Xerox PARC
OZONE Apocalypse Studios
Firefly Agents
Yahoo's Web Hosting Directories Page
Visi, one of my ISP
Boardwatch - ISP Directory
Top Net - an Omaha-Based ISP
Internet Users Society - With Registration for .nu (Island of Niue "new-way") registration!
GraniteCanyon.com - Providers of a Free DNS Service - Host your Domain for Free!! (One of Several Out There)
Nunames.nu - Island of Niue Registration for New Top-Level Access - From the Internet Users Society
US Internet
Sihope Internet Personal Services Pricing
Worlds Chat
ICQ an Internet watcher for IRC friends and Other Communications
UIFN - Universal International Freephone Number - ITU Site


Totally Unattended Non-Interactive Open Source Windows Installtions!


MOD-perl Guide and the Apache Perl integration project
Mysql Documentation
Perl.com All Stuff for Perl - Including Database and Web Interfaces (Msql, Apache, etc)
Javascript Tip of the week - and Archive

Web Related

W3.org Web Standards Site
W3.org HTML
The "Ultimate" HTML Reference Database
HTML 4.0 Spec
HTML 3.2 Spec
StyleSheets - CSS and XSL
StyleSheets - CSS2 Specification
PHP Net - Starting point for PHP Scripting Language Resources
Net Mechanic Web, Link and HTML Testing
Web Site Garage - a somewhat more "High Level" review of one's web site.
Matt's Script Archive
W3C Specification for the JavaScript Document Object Model Level 1 (DOM Level 1)
Search Page for A1 Used Cycle Parts has a great JavaScript Pointer Applet that I must rip-off! - Ed Bingham did this page
CGIEMAIL cgiemail site at MIT
Main XML Resources Page at Web Developers Virtual Library
An XML Faq at Textuality.com
Next Generation XML Site
XML Site at ProjectCool
WML Tutorial
WAP/WML Web-Phone Simulator Application for Testing your Decks! - Download UP.SDK
WML Document Reference URL at the WAP Forum
WAP Forum Technical Specifications Download Page
Optimizing Animated GIFs / GIF Animation - webreference.com
L'Industrie de Meat
HTML Color Selector from ImagiTek
Text Color Manipulation Device Standalone program from L'Industrie de Meat
RealMedia !
Distributed.net Key Cracking Clients for Many Operating Systems. Help Crack Keys on a BIG Computer
URL-minder: Your Own Personal Web Robot!
HTML Writers Guild Website
World-WideWeb Servers by Geography
OtherInternet Resources
Harold's Info about you!
ClearVideo Decoder (Windows 95)
CoolSite of the Day
TwinCities Freenet

Internet Software

IRC Chat client mIRC - Index
VDOLive- Real Time Video over the Internet
RealAudio !


Brian Jepson's Homepage mSQL, Perl, and Java God
mSQL Online Manual
mSQL Searchable-HTML Mailing List Archive in the Netherlands
Java API for mSQL
Java Database Connection Class Library for mSQL
Meta-HTML for mSQL
Perl 5 access to mSQL
mSQL Time and Date Utilities
Virtual Database Middleware for Making Switching Backends easier
mSQL for Windows NT (When Stranded from Linux/UNIX)


Ascend Communications
BitSURFR ISDN Terminal Adapter
760 Series Routers


3Com Palm Pilot Site
Palm Pilot Development - API Documentation
Linux Microcontroller Project - for Palm Pilot and Other PDA-type Embedded architechtures w/o Memory Management
Digital Itsy - Beefy Hacker UNIX - PDA
Pilot Gear Site - THE Pilot Software Site
CSpotRun - The Only Free Doc Reader for Palm that does Screen Rotation!
Sound Hack (Hackmaster API)
Kingpin's Pilot Page, including Hairy Palm

Network Administration

MRTG - Multi-Router Traffic Grapher Main Page
MRTG - Multi-Router Traffic Grapher Config Guide
MRTG - Multi-Router Traffic Grapher Guide for Windows NT
MRTG - Multi-Router Traffic Grapher Statistic Updater for Windows NT
MRTG - Multi-Router Traffic Grapher Source Code Archive
Perl Archive - Useful for MRTG
Pumpkin - Shareware TFTP Server for PC
GetAdmin - a Shareware Program to Make Your Current Login User an Administrator of the local Machine in Windows NT
IOmeter - an Intel tool for Generating Traffic to a NT Server or Cluster
Weird Solutions of Sweden - TFTP and BOOTP Servers and Cliets for Windows of all Descriptions
Cisco Systems
Cisco DSL Modems Documentation Page
Cisco CBOS 2.20 Release Notes including upgrade instructions
Cisco 675 Installation and Operation Guide
Cisco Systems CBOS for 600 Series DSL Router Image Download Table
Cisco Systems IOS Software Center
Cisco Systems Online Hardware Configuration Utulity
Cisco Systems Voice Over IP Cookbook (voip)
How to download Portware Updates to Cisco Access Servers
Cisco UniverCD Online Documentation Home Page
UUNET ISP Access Number Finder
UUnet (formerly MCI/Worldcomm/CompuServe) Access Numbers
CompuServe Phone Access Lookup (PAL) Download Page
Cisco Systems Dial-On-Demand DDR DOD chat-script Docs
Per-User PPP Timeouts and AAA with Cisco Access Servers (NASes)
Openviewfor Windows Update
Microsoft DirectX Web
Microsoft Personal WebServer Download (IIS and/or Option Pack 4)
Microsoft Support Site - Including Downloads
Microsoft Windows Software Downloads Library
Microsoft Windows NT Utilities Software Downloads Library - Including Srvtools.exe - NT Management Utilities
Microsoft Windows 95 Utilities and Updates - Including NEXUS.EXE - The NT Management Tools for Windows 95/98
Microsoft Windows NT Certification and Training
Microsoft Windows NT-Platform Maintenance
IntergraphFTP Site Win32 Apps
Nortel - Northern Telecom - BayNetworks
ProcessSoftware (NFSWARE)
NetManage (Chameleon)
Netscanner Software (Sunbelt)


TeraTerm - A Free Telnet with a SSH Plugin!
TTSSH - A Free SSH (Secure Shell) Plugin for TeraTerm - Secuirty Including Blowfish! (256-bit Free Encryption)
GnuPG - Gnu Privacy Guard - A Free and Open Replacement for PGP - Pretty Good Privacy
Mailtunneling - Funny and Crazy way to get full Net Access Even if Heavilly Firewalled
Shields Up! - GRC.com - Security Check for DSL and Cable Modems, and everything else with Windows-type security holes on the Internet (and Woe Betide to them!)
DSL Testing Page from Scott Z
SecurityFocus, home of Bugtraq Archives
Bugtraq FAQ
RFC Defining the X.509 V3 Certificate and Certificate Revocation List (CRL) Data Objects
Microsoft's VPN Links
Verisign Technical Questions and Answers about Digital Ids
ICSA Certified ANX IPsec Products
RadGuard Tech Brief on Why ISAKMP and Digital Certificates are Important
RFC 1321 - Describing the Message-Digest 5 (MD5) Algirithm for Data Integrity Checking - Ron Rivest ("R" in RSA) (Mentions Ralph Merkle in the up-front Thank Yous)
IETF IPSec working Group
Entrust White Papers, including on Certificate Revocation
Mirror Address Matching Access Lists for Peer IPSEC - Cisco Document
Cisco IPSEC Security Overview with definitions and links - good basic grounding.
Corecom VPN Links Page - Most IPSEC solutions listed.
Cisco IPsec and Key Exchange Overview
www.ganymedesoftware.com Performance Testing Software
Chronic.org - Hacking Phreaking Site
Shunra Software Makers of "The Cloud" Internet Simulation Software
Network Associates Article on why and How Standards-Based VPN
Cisco RADIUS Supported Attributes
RADIUS Manual at Livingston (Lucent)
RADIUS Records Stored in mSQL
SecureCC Service for E-Commerce
META Group SecGru or SecurE-Com - Good - All-Around Security Group - Andre Mintz (Andre.Mintz@metagroup.com) is one of their Vice Presidents


Cables to Go
ZD-Net Need Help? Online Computer Hints, Bugs, and Info.
3Com Modems AT Command Set HTML
Hewlett Packard
MicrohouseHardware Support Company
Velcrocompanies ONE Wrap
VelcroCompanies' Web Site (800) 225-0180
3MInnovation Network
3comCustomer Support Main
MicrohouseHardware Support Company
Windows 98Lite! - Remove IE From Windows 98 or Never Install it, Make Windows 98 Faster and Smaller!! - Also, Startup/Shutdown Screens to Indicate Difference!
MicrosoftService Packs for Windows 95
3MInnovation Network
Microsoft Corporation

Network Tech

Popcorn Project
JavaWorld - Distributed applet-based massively parallel processing (DAMPP) - January 1997
U S WEST, Inc.
Livingston Enterprises WWW
Intel Universal Serial Bus (USB) -- How USB works
IP Next Generation (IPng)
IANA Assigned Port Numbers - Well-Known Ports
Searchable RFC Archive FAQs.org
RFC Archive at isi.edu
RFC Archive at internic.net
IETF with Searchable Internet Drafts and Standards
Cable Modems
DanKegel's ISDN
US West DSL CO Map of the Twin Cities
US West Interprise DSL Pricing
DanKegel's ADSL
CableModem FAQs


LexmarkInternational, Inc. --

Remote Access

Microsoft Windows 98 128-bit Encryption Upgrade fo Dial-Up Networking (Remote Access)
TweakDUN - a Supplement for Windows 95/98 and NT Dial-Up Networking

UNIX (Linux, ___BSD, etc. Links

UNIX 101 - This is a good site!
UNIX Basics at UIC.edu
New Linux Logo!(Fox-Style)
Dynamic DNS Example Page - No DHCP Participation or Authenticatio, Though.
O'Reilly & Associates
IISCMakers of Wingz Spreadsheet
Lyx- at the University of Paderborn
LyX,the word-processor front-end for LaTeX
Replay'RedHat Crypto Archives
RedHat Software
Linuxat Georgia Tech
LinuxDocumentation Project


MAC Connection Guide
DantzDevelopment Corp.
RecentINFO-MAC Summary
Nathan'sEverything Macintosh
A-ZAntivirus: Macintosh Antivirus


Winfiles.com - Windows Shareware Archive
Window95.com 32-bit Drivers
Windows95.com 32-Bit Applications
FTP Software's World Wide Web Server
TurtleBeach Systems
CMXVector Graphics
WindowsTrueType Fonts at Winsite
C-NetShareware Search Site
NT 3.51 Service Packs
NT 4.0 Service Packs
InfoWestWindows95 Software Archive and Discussion Forums
HarborNet:WindowsNT Sources


Yahoo Active Buyer's Guide - Buy most duarble goods (appliances, Electronics) and find them buy a series of questions that narrows to what your want from what is currently sold!
Pioneer S.I.T.E.
Number Nine Visual Technology
AcerOpen Motherboards: AP53
Sony Electronics Inc.
Virtual Retinal Display from Hit Lab


CONvergence Science Fiction Convention in Minneapolis over July 4th Weekend
Book-A-Minute, Including Science Fiction Book Summaries- Hilarious
Visualparadox.com - 3d Pictures (Including Sci-Fi) for Windows Backgrounds
Ain't It Cool News.com - Specializing in Revealing Behind-The-Scenes Information about upcoming Movies
KTCA Program Search Guide
Einblatt - The MNStF (Minicon Organization) Periodical


The Mean Farmer (Meen Frmr) and Otis Twelve Unofficial Fan Site
The Onion - The Funniest Spoof News I have Ever Heard - From Wisconsin, no Less!
Geek.com - Including the Geek Glossary - AFAIK
Ernie Cline - Geek Poetry Slammer and screenwriter in Austin - Just Great! - CD that I know about is "Ultraman is Airwolf"
Victorian Sex-Cry Generator - Flowery/ Euphemistic Language
Sim-Shatnet - A Flash Captain Kirk "Player"
Automatic Complaint Letter Generator
Fake MS-Support RTFM Article at a Tucows site.
Penny Arcade - Computer (Mostly) Gamers' Internet Comic Strip
Landover Baptist Church - Onion-Liky Spoof of a Congregational Newspaper Web Site
Tim Slagle - Libertarian Comedian - Comes to MN!
Imaul, your Personal Sith Lord
AFU - alt.folklore.urban - Urban Legends Site
Hoaxkill.com - Automatically tell all the pople on a mailing list that the mail they (and you) just received, is a hoax - Read How Here
DumbLaws.com - Dedicated to all the Stupid Legislation in the US and Around the world!
A call for more scientific truth in product labels - Universal Cosmological Warnings - Quite Funny!
Toy Cyborger - Takes Any word and Makes it an Acronym for a Cyborg Device
Maurice LaMarche doing Orson Wells having a hilarious Fit during a Rosebud Frozen Peas voiceover on the Critic
South Park Archives - RealAudio Southpark
Flying Karamazov Brothers Fan Web Site
Cirque Du Soleil - Coming in Summer 2000! - "Dralion"
Banzai Institute
Penn (Jillette) Central Archive on Excite
Blue-Screen-Of-Death (BSOD) Color-Scheme Changer Software!
Universal Translator - Zu Vill go Zer B1FF! Slap Mah Fro!
Cyrano Server
Cliché Finder
Keirsey Temperament Sorter- Jungian Personality Test
No Cure for Cancer
T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project
Tom Lehrer
Coalition to Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide
Text of the Cinematic Electromicrograph of Yeasts Being Baked - The Very Small and Quiet Screams
Ze sveedish chef
Emperor Norton Utilities
Gerry Mischke
Maurice's Steven Wright Jokes Listing
HARRY SHEARER: From The Edge of America
Mercury Center: Dave Barry
Capt. James T. Kirk Sing-a-long
Sin City (Penn and Teller)
Dilbert Zone


National Geographic - Brothers Grimm Presentation - Web Presenations of some of the Original Stories 12/09/1999


Minnesota news and information: Star Tribune Online, Minneapolis-St. Paul
Virtually There - Information Services and Interesting Articles!?
Todayin Packet
taxhelponline.com - Tax Freedom Institute - Tips for Taxpayers - Dan Pilla
Guru.com Tax-Time for Independents
IRS- Digital Daily
Cyborganic Gardens
DarkCarnival Online
Windows Magazine on the Web
PC Week
PCMagazine on the Web
Computer Shopper
ISN Internet Shopping for Computer Software and Other at First Auction


Neal Boortz - Atalanta allegedly Libertarian Radio
Massachusetts Talk Radio - They Don't Edit Out ABC News or National Broadcasts!
Talk of the Nation Archives from NPR (National Public Radio) - Statist, but Science Friday usually avoids politics mostly
Lowell Ponte Perspectives - Libertarian Science and Technology journalist
Official AM1500 KSTP
Science Friday - Talk of the Nation (TOTN)
RealAudioTimecast: Daily Briefing
ProgressiveNetworks, The Home of RealAudio
Science Friday Web Site
CNETradio - what's new


DBB - Post Production and Video Tape Duplication


Internet Font Archives


Abesbooks.com Out-of-Print Books Purchaseable Online


Begone Satan! - The Account of an Excorcism in Earling Iowa - Formatted HTML
Begone Satan! - The Account of an Excorcism in Earling Iowa - Text Only
Books Online
Richard Kadrey - "Metrophage" On-Line

Dreamhaven Books Online
Heinlein Site
Heinlein "This I believe" Speech
Linda Nagata
C J Cherryh's Place
Diana Benson - The Mile High Club


Motorcycle Safety Pictures - on the Gore Gallery


TheStation.com - Official B5 Fan Club
Lexx - Tales from a Parallel Universe
TV Themes - Where thet are now (Plus Tons More)
Quicktime VR Surrounds of Several Sets on the B5 Official Site
Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5
Lexx Site


Movie Sounds
Reel Movie Rental and Purchase on the Web!
Excalibur Films
Internet Movie Database
TwentiethCentury Fox Home Entertainment
RonnieCramer's Cult Film


SciFi Channel Dominion Seeing Ear Theatre - "Originals"
SciFi Channel Dominion Seeing Ear Theatre - Ruby1
SciFi Channel Dominion Seeing Ear Theatre - Ruby2
ZBS Audio - Ruby and other Stuff
Blackstone Audiobooks - Lots of Bernard Mayes as well as others
SCI-FI Channel "Set Originals" audio programming, including Ruby (1)
Article in University of Virginia Cavalier about Bernard Mayes - who did the voice acting for, among others, Gandalf in the Mind's Eye Hobbit and Lord of the Rings
Bernard Mayes Homepage - Not Much Here
Purchase Bernard Mayes Reading of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire!
Listen to Bernard Mayes Reading of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire! (Volume 2 Part 1 on Broadcst.com)
Listen to Bernard Mayes Reading of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire! (Volume 3 Part 1 on Broadcst.com)
Purchase Bernard Mayes Reading Ludwig von Mises Socialism!
Listen to Bernard Mayes Reading Ludwig von Mises Socialism! (Startingwith Part 2 on Broadcast.com)


Johnny Cotton Sushi Shirts! - Long and Short Sleeved - Shushans


Ferrari 5-Star Mountain Gold Kona Coffee Plantation in Kailua Kona Hawaii - The Good Stuff!
Blue Sky Kona Coffee - Also Great Stuff! (Web Site More Polished - But Better than Ferrari?)
SRE Incorporated - Specialty Restaurant Equipment - Gelato Machines and a man, Domenico Seminara, who will indoctrinate you into the cult of Gelato making - What a helpful guy, what a Great Accent - GelatoBambina


Theatre in the Round Players and the Theatre in the Round - Community Theatre in Minneapolis


Shoutcast.com - MP3 Streaming and Private/Tiny/Pirate Radio on the Web
My Boingo Rare Songs Wishlist
TV Themes Are Back!!
Oingo Boingo Rare Songs on the Web
Oingo Boingo and Related Discography
Someone with a huge Collection of Boingo Stuff
LHPO - Large Hot Pipe Organ - Weird, Explosive Music from Germans
MPEG3.org Free Music on the Web!
David Lee Roth (As Well)
Danny Elfman MP3 Weekly Site - With Request Section
Danny Elfman - Music for Darkened People Movie Music Site
Birdcage Records (Dread Zeppelin and Stan Ridgeway)
Dread Zeppelin Hope Page at Cash Cow Records
Michael Loonan
POLLSTAR - The Concert Hotwire
They Might Be Giants
They Might Be Giants Dial-a-Song Sitea - Or Analog at 718-387-6962
Black Page!
Stan Ridgway Dis-Info Web Pages
The REAL Frank Zappa
David Cope's Page and a Link to Sara, an Auto Composer of Various Classical Composer Styles (PowerPC)


GIN Glider Information Network
Sugar Glider Health Issues - Deficiencies


Knowledge Universe - Prive - Internet Based Educational Company - Larry Ellison and Michael Milkin
Ideachannel.com - Audio, Video, and Text from Thinkers to the Public
Language Translator - Free from AltaVista (5 European languages as of 2-16-98)
St. Olaf College
Creighton Preparatory High School


SureTrade.com Internet Securities Broker
SchwabOnlineBrokerage Version 4.0
NASDAQ Quotes on my Stocks
Yahoo! Quotes My Stocks
Bank of Bermuda
Digi International, Inc.
Sony Corporation
Cisco Corporation
Iridium World Consortium
Iridium Sun Flares Visible from My Home GPS Coordinates (Lattitude and Longitude)
Famous Dave's Bar-B-Q (The Sign of the Cannibal Pig!)
IPO Central
NTech - The First Publicly-Traded Nanotech Company
Minus9 a Micro-Tech Company (MEMS)
MEMS-Guitar - MicroCaster - Tiny Stratocaster
Landware Software - Makers of Pocket Quicken


The Liftport Group - Commercial Space Elevator Companye
Stellar Cycles Interactive
Scientific American - Where are the ETIs? Good Article from 2000 July
Highway 2 Space - a Get Off the Rock! (GOTR!) Site
Scenario Planning - A Way to Plan for the Future
Roton - Rotary Rocket Single Stage to Orbit and Gryo-Style Landing device.
New Microwave Thruster - From Science Daily 10/18/1999
NASA Center for Technology Transfer (to the Private Market)
Artemis Project (Commercial Moonbase)
Global Business Network
NEAR Spacecraft Asteroid Observer
Mars Pathfinder On-Mission
Freedom Ship, Inc. - Building a Huge Floating Arcology/Experimental Sovereignity/Libertarian Paradise(?) to constantly circle the world in International waters to be build in a Honduran Harbor.


HealthCentral.com - Dean Edell's Health Website - Trustworthy!
Definition of Obesity from Dr. Michael Myers Site
American Medical Association Publishing
Pub Med - a Pretty Good Database of Medical Academic Sources
www.allergy-info.com - A Site mostly dedicated to the products of a particular Drug Company (Last Time I checked)
C. Everett Koop Health Calculators - Good resources from a controlling, statist, health guy.

Home / House Project

Scaffold Service Inc - Local Scaffold, Ladder and High Reach Equipment
American Frame Discount Art Frames - With Online Ordering!
Sunbrella Outdoor and Marine Fabric
PlugPower - Fuel Cells for Home etc.
Anderson Windows - Makers of Renewal Composite Wood/Resin Replacement Windows and Patio Doors
Anderson Windows' Patio Door Kinda Like What I want
Real Goods Catalog - Energy (Enviro) Conservative Living Catalog
THisToThat.com - Glue Anything toAnything with this Guide
Solar Shingles - United Solar Systems Corporation
ElectroChromic Windows Simulations
Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion House - Amazing! Eco-Lodge can Bite Me
Department of Energy Photovoltaics Program
Department of Energy Renewable Energy Links
Builder Online - largest collection of builders, architects, and consumers interested in residential construction - Online.
Remodeling Online
Eaglebrook - Makers of Durawood Plastic Lumber
Trader Online Vehicle Trading Resource and Publications
Cam Shot of Minneapolis, Once an Hour
Bird Cam - Peregrine Falcon Nest at WCCO (Eggs, Incubation and Babies in Summer 1998)
Zoe Washlet Bidet - Alta Vista (zoe +washlet +bidet)
Force-Ten Online Catalog Index
General Service Administration (GSA) Great Lakes/Heartland Region Vehicle Auctions


Calorie Restriction via Non-Gourmet Cooking
Calorie Restriction FAQ
Another Calorie Restriction FAQ


Pictures of Ireland (Alta Vista Search)
Priceline.com Airline Ticket and Other Customer-Driven Pricing
Microsoft Expedia Travel and Ticketing Service - Find Cheap Fares and Mucho Moro
Northwest Airlines
Freedom Ship - A Floating Free-Trade City Being Built in a Honduran Harbor!
Northwest Airlines CyberSaver Fares
Northwest Airlines Online Registration: Worldperks# 758 218 801
Burning Man '97
International Expeditions - The Belize Experts of the United States - Located in Helena Alabama
Pictures of Rio
Amazon Vacations in the Jungle!
ParisPages: Museums / Musees
TigerMap Server Browser

Adventure Travel

Florida Keys - Jules Undersea Lodge - Underwater Hotel!
Jukkasjarvi Sweden Ice Hotel - 37 Rooms, All Out of Ice!
Tree House Out and About Lodging in Cave Junction Oregon
Hilton Akron Ohio at Quaker Square - Built out of the Historic Quaker Oats Silo Facilities!



"In the Beginning there was the Command Line" - by Neal Stephenson, from His Site about his new book Cryptonomicon
Mary Ruwart's - Healing Our World
Frederic Bastiat - The Law (The Purpose of Law in Society - 120k) With HTML Section Anchors
Listen to Bernard Mayes (My Favoritte Gandalf from the Mind's Eye) read Frederic Bastiat's The Law (The Purpose of Law in Society) from Blackstone Audiobooks on Broadcast.com
Listen to Thomas Sowell's Civil Rights from Blackstone Audiobooks on Broadcast.com
Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA) - Juror's Handbook
Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA) - Jury Power Page
The Freeman - The Spread of Education before Compulsion: Britain and America in the Nineteenth Century
Frederic Bastiat - The Law (The Purpose of Law in Society - 120k)
Frederic Bastiat - The Law (The Purpose of Law in Society - 120k) Another Site
An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations - by Adam Smith (HTML-ized Version - Slow Link, Though)
An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations - by Adam Smith (Huge Text Link - Over 2 Megs - That isn't very smart, unlike this book. At least the site is fast.)
What Are Consensual Crimes?
Ain't Nobody's Business if you Do - Peter McWilliams' Book on Consensual Crime
John Locke - Essays
John Locke - The Second Treatise on Government - HTML
John Locke - A Letter Concerning Toleration
Gold, Paper, or Is there a better Money? - Policy Analysis from Cato Institue by David Freidman (Cariadoc of the Bow/Son of Milton)
Against Intellectual Property - A paper by an Aussie about why Intellectual Property Law is a bad Idea
UK Patents on Software Review - Intelectual Property in England
John R. Lott, Jr. - More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws (Review/Interview)
Revealing Quotes about Gun Controllers
Issues and Views - black Americans who are dedicated to the Bill of Rights
MN E-Democracy Site - Elections and Candidates Information for Minnesota
Minnesota Local Government Page
Letter to Hillary Clinton regarding Gun Control
A Nation of Cowards By Jeffrey R. Snyder - Very Moving Succinct description of Self-Defense in a free society
Electoral College Procedures

Public Policy

Intellectual Property

European Software Patent Horror Gallery

Pioneer Planet Representative Lookup
Representative Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk Weekley Column
Minnesota State Precinct Finder for Voting Location!
Minnesota State Budget and Appropriations "Fiscal Analysis Department"
Minnesota State House Weekley publication on Actions of the House
A Free-Market Guide To Suburban Development and 'Urban Sprawl' - Daniel Simmons and Iam Wyatt - A Treasure Trove, Glad DFLer Alice Hausman prompted me to find it!
The Conspiracy Revisted - How Buses really replaced Trolley's in America (Machinations by GM had little to do with it)
Libertrian News Network
Should we re-legalize drugs?
Crime and Victims Statistics US Dept of Justice
John Locke - Two Treatises on Government - Gopher
Social Security Privatization - Testimony from the Author of the Chilean System
Common Objections to a Market-Based Social Security System: A Response
Social Security Privatization Java Calculator - What could Privatizing Social Security Mean to you?
Cooper vs. Terrorism - Col. (Retired) Jeff Cooper on Self-Reliance
White House - Office of National Drug Control Policy, Site of Clinton's new Drug Plan as of 2/14/98
fmc: Public Policy Spotlight
FederalSubsidies.com - Get the Dirt on who won't compete to give you what you want!"
Elephonky - The Symbol of the Republocrat!
Jeff Cooper's Page - Gun Rights Activist and Expert
Some Gun Articles at Duke
The False Promise of Gun Control
Anti-Gunner List
Netizens Act of 1997
Environmental Defense Fund Online Chemical Scorecard for Polluters in your area


Fraser Institute of Canada's Country Economic Freedom Index
Advocates for Self-Government
Reason Public Policy Institute (RPPI)
RPPI Privatization Site
RPPI Urban Futures Site - Free Market Solutions for Cities
RPPI New Environmentalism Site - Free Market Solutions for The Environment
Harry Browne - Libertarian Presidential Candidate 1996 and 2000?
Libertarian Party of Minnesota
Libertarian Party of the University of Minnesota
Drug Reform Coordination Network (DRCNet)
Great Economist Piece with Survey on Drug Use 2001
DNCR Response to the DEA
Antiwar.com - Source for antiwar news and views
Cascade Policy Institute - Free Market Mass Transit Analysis and the Alternatives, among other Topics.
Libertarian Enterprise - Magazine - With Palm Pilot Format Issues too!
Geolibertarian Home Page
Natural Law Party of the USA
U.S.House Of Representative
U.S. Sentate
Minnesota State Legislature
Office of the Governor - State of Minnesota
Men'sDefense Association WWW Server
Center for Equal Opportunity
Blue Ribbon Campaign for Online Free Speech
free-market.com: A Starting Point for Liberty on the Internet

Informational Resources

presidential Executive Orders for the United States at nara.gov
ACLU Legislative Scorecard
Thomas - Library of Congress Congressional Bill and Legislation Search - Quite Flexible
United States Federal Code - Search Law of USA
United States Federal Code - Search Law of USA - Cornell University
Federal Law Fining $500 for Unsolicited Commercial Email (Title 47 Section 227)
Old Cite
The Declaration of Independence of the Thirteen Colonies
U.S.Constitution - Table of Articles
US Constitution at Gov Printing Office (With History)
Laissez Faire Books
Buy Wendy McElroy's - The Reasonable Woman - a Guide to Rhetoric and Confidence in speaking and thinking.
Daily Outrage
Libertarian Mailing Lists and Related Facilities
Inflation Calculator
US and International Population and Census Figures
Healing Our World - Mary Ruwart
Minnesota State Government Information Service 'North Star'
Online NewsHour: Harry Browne Interview -- July 10, 1996
Cloakroom - Political Insider's Web
National Review
Cato Institute
John Stossel Specials and Give me a Break online Videos!
The Drug Library
Letter from Bob Dole regarding drugs and drug legalization
Banned Books Archive
U.S.House of Representatives - Educational Resources
Computer Underground Digest
Mackinac Center for Public Policy (517) 631-0900 (Questions answered by real-live economists!)
SkeletonCloset: All of the Scandals on All of the Presidential Election Candidates:
Natural Law Party Platform
Minnesota State Code: 617.241 Obscene materials and performances; distribution and exhibition prohibited; penalty.

Rhetoric - The Study of Communication

General Semantics - E Prime!
Hedonistic Imperative
Silva Rhetorricae (The Rhetoric Forest)
RhetNet an Online Journal and Archive of Rhetorical Writing Focused on the Internet (Docuverse) Medium
Aristotle's Rhetoric Online


WiredMagazine Phrase Generator
VRML2.0 Worlds
Public of The Globe!
Minnesota Renfest ADA Settlement
SCA Society for Creative Anachronisms (Midrealm)
Barony of Nordskogen
Great Games Plus Inc.
AT&TCollege Network: Game Shows -- Game Links
Catacombs:Random Psychosis Generator
Dataman'sAlphaWorld Directory
Company Therapist
NEXTGeneration -- Computer and Videogames


Area 64 - Comodore 64 Emulators and Software
Debra - C64 Huge Archive
CCS64 Shareware C64 Emulator
Nostalgic Commodore Page in Sweden Somewhere (Good Archive Links)
DungeonMaster's c64 Games List (Defunct?)
PK'sCommodore 64
Commodore64 Nostalgia
DiePacMan, DIE!
DavidNewman's C64 page


Matrox m3d and Mystique Games Titles (With Galapagos Demo!)
Postal Cheats
Might and Magic IV Maps
Might and Magic - MagicGrounds
Wizazrd's Attic - RPG Games and Paraphenalia - Including Cthulhiana!
NASA Games
Origin's Ultima Page (Online Too!)
Plague & Pestilence
UnrealPlanet.com - Nali City - CTF Maps!
Inoxx.com - UT Maps and packs - This Guy did Facing Worlds and is Doing Face II!
Unrealism UTBooty - CTF and Other Maps and Review Weekley!
Descent 3 Patch Version 1.3 Notes
Untreal Tournament - Capture the Flag Extented - CTFE - Mod for Many Teams, etc.
Make Doll
Gameson the Internet
DoomGate:RGCD Periodic Postings
OriginSystems, Inc.

Science - Engineering - Mathematics

Eureka Alert - Cool Science News
Science Daily - More Cool Science News
Science is Bad! - Erroneous Predictions and Negative Comments Concerning Scientific and Technological Developments
Java Units and Value Conversion program, quite comprehensive.
SI Units - Yocto to Yotta
Another SI Prefixes Site
Chuck Hoberman - Unfolding Structures
Moller M400 Skycar - I Wants One!!! (And a safe way to fly it...)
Freedom-Motors - A Rotary Engine Companiy Spun off From Moller - Including their personal water craft with much lower emissions than Sea Doo and better power!
SETI@Home - Seti At Home - SETIATHOME - Distributed Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Data Analysis - Privately Funded! (As of 8/5/99)
1/f Noise Page
Society for Amateur Scientists
PARC Home Page
PARC Projects
Michiu Kaku, Physicist and Self-Proclaimed Visionary
Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) Didgital and HDTV Standards
Very Technical Itelco Presentation of Digital Predistortion Technique for using OFDM modulation for Digital Broadcast
Cato Article on HDTV Standards process and Regulation
Science Week (No Longer Emailed)
Exploratorium Science "Snacks" - Little Science Experiments you can do, with online instructions.


Everyday Low Carb Cookery - Some Free Recipies - $19.95 + $5.00 Shipping = $25.95


Life Extension Foundation
Human Genome Project Information


The Periodic Table of the Elements - Chemicool - MIT
The Elements by Tom Lehrer, with Chemical Links
ChemDex Chemistry Searching - zardoz-t67hz
Brookhaven Protien Data Bank (PDB) WWW


Stephan Wolfram - Creator of Mathmatica, Artificial Life, Complexity Theory, Etc. - A New kind of Science
James Kakalios - Local Researcher on Complexity - Sand Research Site and the University of Minnesota - Axial Segregation of Mixtures of Binary Granular Media and Avalanche Dynamics
Clearinghouse of Links to Complexity Sites
Cycorp - AI Startup
Capow 5 Cellular Automata Software for MS-OSes
Capow 5 Explanation of Cellular Automata
Evolution of Parallel Cellular Machines (the book)
CAPOW 5 Cellular Automata Modeler


Alcor Life Extension Foundation, Cryonics, & Cryogenics - my suspension organization
Cryonics FAQ Overview
Molecular Repair of the Brain
CryoNet - Cryonics Mailing List
Cryonet Archives
QuickQuote Life (and Other) Insurance Quotes online - Fund your Cryonic suspension!
Web Site for Book "The First Immortal" by James Halperin - Excellent Book
Preparing for Cryosuspension in a Remote Location
CryoCare Foundation - Cryonics Services
BioTime, Inc. Blood Substitute and Transplant Surgical Fluids
BioPreservation, Inc. - Cryopreservation Services
Full Test of "The Prospect of Immortality" - Robert Ettinger "Father of Cryonics" - the book that "started it all".
Anti-Cryonics Cryobiological Bylaws URL


Extropy Institute
World Transhumanist Association
Anders Transhuman
Homo Excelsior: Transhumanist's Magazine
Extropian Mailing Lists (and Archives)
Other Extropian-Related Mailing Lists
Trancedo - Netherlands Transhumanist Organization
Full Text of "Man into Superman" by Robert Ettinger - "Father of Cryonics" decide for yourself
Riverland - Multimedia and Future Research


Synergistics on the Web - The Geometry of Buckminster Fuller


Minus9, Inc. Makers of StuffDust™ Micro Taggant (No Really, Not Minus6)
ISAT Report/Presentation on MEMS

Molecular Nanotechnology

Papers, Publications, Recordings and Textual Resources

Forbes ASAP Cato Institute 1998 Conference - Silicon Valley vs Washington D.C. - Archived Videos at Novell!
CSPAN American Politics Site with Some of the only Media coverave (and Streaming Video) of Libertarian Speeches online.
K. Eric Drexler speech at the 1998 Forbes-ASAP/Cato Conference - "The New World"
Nanotechnology - IOP Journal Home
Nanotechnology - IOP Journal Sample Copy Request Form
Raplh Merkle talk at the NASA Nanotechnology Seminar Hi-Res 80 Kbit/sec Version
Drexler PNAS Protein Engineering Paper from 1981!!
The Problem of Nonsense in Nanotechnology - Bogosity Paper
Full Text of "Engines of Creation" by K. Eric Drexler, The Nanotech book that started it all.
Full Text of "Unbounding the Future" by K. Eric Drexler, A layperson's scenario-based into to Nanotech - 1991 (w/ Updated Ideas from Engines)
Chapter 2 from Unbounding the Future - one of my favorite chapters.
An Agoric (Economic) Control Model for Design (of Nanosystems) - J. Storrs Hall
Evolution of Parallel Cellular Machines (the book)
From fullerenes to nanotubes - Rice University paper
Cornell University Science and Technology Online Jornal - Spring 1995 Issue - Nanotechnology
Nanotechnology Papers at Rutgers
NanoTechnology Magazine
Nanotechnology and the World System - a look at the Political Future with Nanotech - Thomas McArthy (Published in Nanotechnology Magazine)


NTech First Publicly Traded Nanotech Company!
Zyvex - First Business with Goal of Molecular Assembler
Molecular Manufacturing Enterprises Incorporated (A Local Nanotech Seed Capital Firm!)

Dream Team

Dream Team - Nano SuperComputer
All Team Links
Orang Team Links


Nanotechnology in Science Fiction


Tiniest Biosensor in Sydney Australia - Bruce Cornell
NanoGuitar (Crystal Silicon Axe)


Matthew Gress's Molecular Model Library
Molecule of the Month at the Chemistry department of the University of Bristol (UK)
NanoCad Java Applet
Chemscape Chime Examples
Tech info on the molecular planetary gear
Format of PDB Files
Construct's 3d Nanotech work in progress
construct| nanotech
FAQ for RasMol, Chime
Chime Resources at UMass
RasMol V2.6-beta-2 Manual
Molecular Assembly Sequence Software (PDB Files of Nano)

Matthew Gress' Nanotechnology Page
Gina "Nanogirl" Miller's Nanoindustries - Large, well-organized collection of links
University of Minnesota NanoStructure Lab
Nadrian C. Seeman's Lab
Institute for Molecular Manufacturing
Nanotechnology at Xerox PARC
Molecular Manufacturing Shortcuts Group
Institute of Atomic-Scale Engineering
Molecular Simulations Inc.
Richard E. Smalley
Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology
Best/Most Attractive/Bizarre Electron Micrograph Contest for Various Years
University of Minnesota Nanostructure Lab
CERNTheoretical Physics Division
Brad Hein's Nanotechnology
Ralph Merkle - Xerox PARC's Main Nanotech Researcher and Holder of Patent on Public Key Cryptography
Deja News Query Profile on nanotechnology
Boris I. Yakobson's
SSTLAB Library - Fullerenes


Active Noice Cancelation Technologies (Cool Headphones!)
CERNTheoretical Physics Division
magnetic levitation
Bulk Spin Resonance Quantum Computation
Short Introduction to Quantum Topics

Sci/Tech (Bulk)

XeroxPARC Sandbox, Nano, and UbiComp Server
Constants and conversion factors
Voice Recognition Software
Watson: A Semi-Automated Web-Enabled Paper Writing Aid
Aspect-Oriented Programming
Science& Engineering Indicators 1996
SingleStage Rocket Technology


Question Exchange - Get Paid for Answering Questions?
Monster Job Board - Useful.
Piss-List - One of the Online Registries of Companies Known by First Person Testimony or Reputation (as listed) to perform PISS or "Human Qualiy" testing on Candidates or Employees (Warning, Banner Ads may be Pornographic)
Infoworld Salries Page
The Reg Online - Internet Registry Service
SoftGear Corporation EjobIt Job Bidding Hotline Site
Realrates - What people are billing at
CMP Online Contractor/Consultant Billing Rates Lookup
Federal Express (FedEx) Shipment Tracking
Track Shipments
Enter any combination of up to 25 FedEx Express, FedEx Ground or FedEx Freight tracking numbers: (one per line)


Track FedEx Custom Critical

spacer image
UPS (United Parcel Service)
Please enter your UPS tracking number below

ONSALE - Auctions of Computers and Electronics


Operation Clambake - Xenu.net - The Fight against Scientology on the Net - Including the Inner Secrets of Scientology!
The Surrealist Compliment Generator
H.E. Retic's Full-Text Short Science Books - "The Einstein Hoax" - "Gravity" - "Special Relativity Corrections"
The Real (Possibly) and Very Detailed story of the Rocket Car from the Darwin Awards
Positive Press: Good News Every Day
Gorrilla art by Koko, Michael and Ndume
Neil Freer - Breaking the Godspell (Weird Book)
The Operation
Church of the Subgenius
Church of Virus
TWA-800 Navy Downing Theory

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